Art, for us provides the perfect opportunity to bond and create precious memories. For us, the best way to bond and spend some precious time together is through our art sessions at home. Painting using different materials and resources provides us with a calming and therapeutic sensory experience, besides promoting so many early essential skills. Wherever I can, I try to incorporate painting even in our daily learning activities. Not only is it a great way to stimulate sensory experiences but also has a calming and therapeutic effect on our senses. And the perfect companion for our art sessions are Dabble Playart Finger paints, And for this, we choose Dabble Playart finger paints since it is:

❤️Gentle on skin

❤️Made with natural ingredients

❤️Easy to wipe off and easily washable

❤️Smooth texture and pleasant smell

❤️Vibrant colours to choose from

We have Diwali kit, Dabble Crayons, Dabble Chubby brushes all are amazing and best.

Contributed by Shruti Kapoor(Dabble Mom) and Dhruv Kapoor ( 4 years Dabble Champ)

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