Making the Shaving Foam works wonders! Lets create a Monochrome Marble today..

  1. Take a Dish, pour a lot of Shaving Foam, lots and lots to be messy, be playful and be imaginative.. Aah and it improves the Fine Motor Skills too and a lot of fun! 

  2. Pour the Dabble's Non Toxic Black Colour in drops on this Foam and Swirl a Marble design together using a toothpick. 

  3. Place the art paper upside down on this creation and lift it up gently. Remove the excess foam from the paper and voila! Our Monochrome Marble Design is ready. 

A possibility of endless designs, infinite creativity and Super Fun.

Its a perfect sensory play, sparks curiosity in the kids and We are together making invaluable memories. 🤗

Thanks to our Dabbler mom Amisha for this cool artwork 🎉Follow her HERE