First time I saw Dabble crayons online and I checked about the product it was very impressive as it says toxin free and made with organic ingredients even safer for the child if they try to mouth it. 

I ordered the next moment as I love painting I wanted my toddler to experience the same. My boy loves them!!  He scribbles on paper and everywhere. Mothers always seek for their child’s safety ,Dabble is the best choice for creativity and safety and can be trusted as it’s made by another mothers as well. 

We have used Dabble Chunky crayons as it says Baby’s first crayon and yes it is my Baby’s first crayons too. I give him white sheets to scribble on and I mention the shape and colour of it he will learn it eventually. We are Learning with Dabble. My baby is 17 months now he tries to speak he says “Thaar” for car with the Dabble crayons and makes it’s sound this how kids can be creative and imagine things with Dabble. He scribbles and asks me what he’s written and we have great imagination and story - telling. Dabble PlayArt Chunkies are good to hold for the little hands as it comes with shapes and the perfect Grip !

Contributed by Ashwini (Dabble mom) and Atharv (Dabble Champ)

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