The day was 23rd of September 2021, little bub was 16 months old and was showing interest in scribbling. A friend of mine got him his first set of crayons. He was overjoyed and we were seeing him scribble his heart out. However, the concern was that he was mouthing the colours. Then began my search for child safe colours and I am happy that I came across these absolute beauties through Vaishali.
Art and Craft being an important part of my little one’s life, I thought of introducing these beautiful colours when he turned 2 on 4th May, 2022. He had a gala time playing with the colours on his birthday morning and created a beautiful piece of art. We have already sent it to be framed . 
We loved the bright colours and the joy it brought to us. We are doing at least one art activity everyday and insists to bring them out without fail. 
Me as a parent is happy too, since the colours are safe for my child. I would like to thank the entire dabble team for helping us paint wonderful memories with the chunky dabble brushes and giving us safe colours to play with

Look how much fun he is having with the colours here.

Bring home all these fun products right away!

- Contributed by Poulomi Das (Dabbler mom)