I was introducing my daughter, Aavya to Indian art.
For Gond art, I prepared this activity which was a mix of some learning and her favourite thing to do- finger and thumb painting!

Aavya is a little confused between some lower case letters, so I drew a mommy deer and baby deer with letters "p", "q", "b", "d", "n" and "h"
Gave a colour to each letter, Aavya had to complete the picture by painting the letters to their corresponding colours. When it comes to colours, our choice is always Dabble finger paints
This was also the first time she painted in restricted lines.
We both had a beautiful time completing this piece of art, we learnt about a different art form, we learnt how mixing 2 colours can give a new colour, we revised lower case letters, we painted using the cool dabble chubby brushes and most importantly we had so much fun!

My go to thing to teach her something difficult is involving painting/colouring in it.
Because I believe, if the child is having fun in learning something he/she would easily grasp it.

Article contributed by Niyati - Homeschooling mom ( Dabbler mom)
Know mre about Niyati and her art and learning explorations https://instagram.com/mrs.moonbow?utm_medium=copy_link

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