When the *I want the best and safest for my child* phase kicked in my life, the same point a very close friend introduced me to the dabble community. Before this I tried multiple brands of colours but never could hand it over to my one year old.

She hardly mouthed anything but that constant fear never let me encourage her. But since the time we picked up dabble finger pants, not only her but we as a team have been dabbling. From multiple activities like masking tape painting, vegetable painting, foam painting and trust me, not even once have I had any problems of 'how do I wash the paints off' or 'why isn’t she keen on these activities'.

My now 3 year old daughter absolutely adores painting and all thanks to dabble. Especially when we picked up the chunky brushes I was so so happy to the reaction and acceptance in my daughter, she could easily identify the texture and the easiness in handling made it a starCurrently in the pandemic where parents are struggling to manage their kids, Dabble has kept mine happily busy.

As a mom I am proud to have chosen a safe non toxic and kid friendly brand which not only supports art but also makes sure every product they launch help the parents and the kids move a step forward in the garden of life.

With our current favourite - the dabble art pages, me as a parent is so proud that my daughter is observant and caring towards nature and that it is coming down on papers so beautifully. Now I genuinely feel there is nothing great than letting your child explore the power of imagination through colours!

Get some amazing Dabble products today and let your child explore their power of imagination!

 - Contributed by Natasha Nayak (Dabbler mom) 

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