I loved the preschool kit of Dabble. My kid loved doing the painting with pom pom and enjoys it alot. I love Dabble because it enhance the level of creativity in kids and engages them more.Thanks to Dabble we absolutely had a blast making an activity video and play time.

🎨 Dabble Preschooler’s kit is perfectly curated for a fun exploration .No rules, just playful art exploration!!
🎨 Safe and non-toxic - This kit contains finger paints made from coconut & sweet orange oil and Chunky Glue with a gentle green apple fragrance,made with a unique formulation that contains natural textures & fragrances. 
🎨 Sensory-rich art kit that builds concentration and focus as the activities areextremely engaging and fun!
🎨 Facilitates Development-  The kit contains various fine motor building activities such as kite paper crushing, using the paint dropper, painting with a pom pom ball, sticker art, etc. which also stimulates visual perception, tactile and kinesthetic exploration which is excellent for child development.
🎨 Aids finger muscle development - These art and craft activities strengthen finger muscles acting as a precursor to writing.

Contributed by Aanchal Vijay (Dabble Mom)  Prisha (Dabble Champ)

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