From Learning with Dabble to Fun Ice Painting and beyond, we've got everything you need to keep those little hands busy and those big imaginations running wild. So let's ditch the screens and get ready for a summer of artsy-fartsy fun!

1. Balloon Dip Art

Credits - Rebecca

Here's what you'll need:


Dabble Playart Finger Paints

Art Roll

Create an easy, beautiful and textured ART with Balloons. 

  • Just squeeze out some Paints
  • Blow up a small ballon 
  • Dip the Balloon in paint
  • And.. Press down the balloon on the Art roll 

You will be amazed at the beautiful textures that form in the papers! Use multiple coloured paints from our vibrant collection and Enjoy the Process!!

This easy activity is SENSORY-RICH, as it shows your little one how to create art with everyday objects, and create different textures. Your little one will also love the smell and feel of our Playart Finger Paints thanks to the coconut oil and sweet orange oil that they're made with.

Watch our BALLOON DIP ART video HERE

  2. Frozen Paint Popsicles 

Credits - Sreetama


The temperatures are soaring but we've got a way to keep it comfortably cool. These DIY Frozen Paints are the perfect art recipe to keep your kids entertained while indulging in something so creative. Follow the simple steps and join our Dabbler Community in making these beauties 😍

  1. Mix water in a bowl with Dabble Paints
  2. Pour the water into freezer moulds/ ice tray 
  3. Add ice cream sticks in each cube 
  4. Stick them into the freezer 
  5. Take the ice out and let your lil one’s explore from there!!

Watch our Dabble Community Keeping it Cool this Summer HERE 😎 

3. Watercolor Mixing Adventure

Credits - Ankita

#DabbleArtHacks Got Dabble Playart Finger Paints? It's time for an art experiment! Let your little ones indulge in colour-mixing and have fun in the process.

  1. Take a bowl full of water 
  2. Take 2 small containers - In one Add one Primary colour and in the other container,  Add another Primary colour with a little water 
  3. One by one pour in the small coloured containers to the main bowl and see the magic of creating a new colour!!

Example - Pour in Yellow Paint mix and Blue Paint Mix into one container to form a new colour = GREEN!!

How it helps?

🎨 Helps them learn concepts like primary, secondary, and tertiary colours

🎨 Encourages scientific thinking

🎨 They learn about cause and effect

🎨 It's fun to create new colours!

Little Dabblers can mix colours with their hands or use our development-friendly Chubby Brushes. Let them play with our toxin-free finger paints freely.

4. Hand Print Wall

Credits - Neenu

"Tiny Hands, Big Impact”: How to Create a Hand Print Wall with Your Kids

  1. Have one area dedicated for your art sessions - where your kids are allowed to get messy and create masterpieces freely !
  2. Let your lil one’s dip their hands in our Toxin- free paints , Parents can be worry free as our Paints are made of natural ingredients!
  3. It’s time for the best part - Let them Imprint their hand prints ont he wall.

The process is as beautiful as the end result!! Displaying your lil ones art like this , will encourage them to create more and express more❣️

5. Cling Wrap Painting

Credits -Swetha

Cling wrap painting is a fun and easy activity for kids! Here's how you can do it:


Plastic wrap/cling film

Dabble’s Finger Paints

Paintbrushes / or Just fingers 😉

How to Dabble?

  • Wrap the cling wrap outdoors/ or on the legs of the table (you can also lay the table upside down)
  • Squeeze small blobs of paint onto the plastic wrap
  • Use a paintbrush or your fingers to swirl the paint around on the plastic wrap, mixing the colors together.

You should be left with a colorful, swirled pattern on the wrap Tada!! Reveal your beautiful cling wrap painting!

There are several benefits to painting on cling wrap, especially for kids. Here are a few:

  • Creativity and experimentation: Painting on cling wrap allows kids to experiment with color mixing and create unique designs. They can swirl the paint around and see what happens, and the results can be surprisingly beautiful.
  • Fine motor skills: Painting on cling wrap can help kids develop their fine motor skills, as they need to use a paintbrush or their fingers to manipulate the paint.
  • Sensory experience: Painting on cling wrap can be a tactile and sensory experience for kids, as they can feel the texture of the plastic wrap and the paint as they work.
  • Easy cleanup: Painting on cling wrap is a mess-free activity, as any spills or drips can be easily cleaned up with a paper towel or by removing the plastic wrap.
  • Low cost: Cling wrap painting requires only a few materials, which are usually inexpensive and easy to find. This makes it a great activity for parents and caregivers who want to provide creative and engaging experiences for kids without breaking the bank.

Overall, painting on cling wrap can be a fun and engaging activity that provides a range of benefits for kids.

Happy Dabbling and Happy Summer! ☀️

We hope your kiddos enjoy these as much as much as we do! ❣️