Our journey with Dabble began in 2020 when my elder one was about a year old and our collection only grew since then! He has always been a lover of art and Dabble enabled him to sail through the different phases of his infant and toddler hood with paints and brushes that were not just easy to use but also safe on the little hands! Ever since , I haven’t looked back and now my younger one’s first crayons and paints are also from Dabble. My 1.5 year old’s favorite activity currently is to open her big box of dabble supplies and fill multiple pages with her beautiful free hand art 😃

Dabble paints , chubby brushes were what my son LOVED! We started with hand prints when he was 10 months old and moved on to more structured paintings as he grew up. Thumb print activity magnet is still up on our refrigerator! Another fav activity we did together was to paint peg dolls and attach woolen hair extensions which have got a permanent space on our study desk!

Contributed by Vidya Venkatrramani(Dabble Mom) and Shreya’s and Shobana (4.5yrs and 1,5 yrs Dabble Champ)

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