My daughter loved the texture of the Dabble Paints. It was neither too thick nor too watery, it exactly sits on the fingers - the texture is super smooth! We can just make the child paint as much as she wants as  It's so safe and does not have a strong fragrance at all. She herself said “WOW” while touching the paints, Which made me really happy!! The Dabble PlayArt Crayons were also very very attractive that my daughter made sounds while drawing with it - like Pretend Play! Overall , we loved it all!! ❤️

We received a Thumb print magnetic card with our art supplies - so we did a Thumb Print activity with the Dabble Paints and also used an art roll to scribble on it!! 

Contributed by Kirthi (Dabble mom) and Rishu (Dabble Champ)

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