Introduction - Importance of the concept of ‘Shapes’ in child development 

Shapes are the secret sauce that makes language, math, and creativity come alive! 🙌🏻
Learning shapes is a fundamental aspect of a child's development. It lays the foundation for various cognitive skills, including visual recognition, spatial awareness, and problem-solving abilities. Understanding shapes enhances language development, prepares children for mathematical concepts, and fosters creativity. With shapes as building blocks, kids embark on a colorful journey of learning, discovery, and imaginative exploration.

Understanding the importance of shapes and the multiple development benefits it has - we at Dabble present to you our First Shape Explorer Stamp Kit! This incredible kit combines the joy of artistic expression with the opportunity to learn and develop essential skills! 
Let's dive into the colorful world of shapes, stamps, colours and endless possibilities! Your child’s playtime just got more fun with Dabble- From creating vibrant artwork to honing their skills, this kit has it all 😎 

Power of Shape and Colour Exploration: Igniting Learning and Creativity in kids with Dabble’s First Shape Explorer Stamp Kit 

Shape exploration is crucial for kids as it promotes cognitive development, mathematical concepts, problem-solving skills, spatial awareness, creativity, and more. It enhances language and communication, fine motor skills, and real-world connections. Above all, it's engaging and fun, fostering a love for learning. Let the shape exploration adventures begin!

  1. Shape recognition skills: By stamping out different shapes, kids enhance their shape recognition skills and develop spatial awareness.The ergonomically designed wooden stamps in the Shape Explorer Stamp Kit allow children to create shapes with ease. 
  1. Repeated Learning - The kit includes wipeable shape sorter sheets and cartridge papers where children can stamp their creations and then easily wipe off and tada REPEAT the same process again for repeated learning in a creative way. This activity helps them explore shapes in a hands-on way, encouraging creativity and fine motor skill development. The easy to wipe sheet encourages Independent Cleaning habits from an early age.
  2. Cognitive Development: Engaging in shape exploration activities with the stamps promotes cognitive development. Children learn to identify and differentiate between various shapes, stimulating their thinking and problem-solving skills.
  1. Language and Communication: Through shape exploration, kids develop their language and communication skills. They learn to describe and discuss the shapes they encounter, name the colours they are dipping the stamps in- expanding their vocabulary and ability to express themselves.
  1. Fine Motor Skills: Manipulating the stamps and stamping the shapes on papers requires fine motor skills. This activity helps children develop hand-eye coordination, finger dexterity, and control, which are essential for various tasks like writing and drawing. The way a child holds the stamps with their fist in a grasp position helps build their overall fine motor skills.
  1. Spatial Awareness: Exploring shapes through stamping enhances spatial awareness. Children learn about shapes' orientations, sizes, and positions, fostering an understanding of how shapes fit together and interact in space. 
  1. Creativity and Imagination: They can create unique scenes, patterns, and designs by combining and stamping different shapes, promoting artistic expression.The Shape Explorer Stamp Kit encourages children to use their creativity and imagination. 
  1. Problem-Solving Skills: As children experiment with different stamps and arrange shapes on the paper, they engage in problem-solving. They learn to analyze, manipulate, and arrange shapes to create desired outcomes, honing their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Children also learn the concept of colour mixing through our Dabble’s Finger Paints.
  1. Mathematical Concepts: Shape exploration lays the groundwork for mathematical concepts. Children learn about geometric properties, such as the number of sides and angles in each shape, preparing them for more advanced math skills like geometry and measurement.
  1. Fun and Engagement: The Shape Explorer Stamp Kit makes shape exploration fun and engaging for kids. The hands-on activity, vibrant colours, and creative possibilities keep children motivated and excited about learning shapes.
  1. Multi-sensory experience: The kit features beautifully crafted wooden stamps that are perfectly sized and shaped for little hands. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, allowing your child to effortlessly create stunning textures and patterns. Combined with the specially formulated Dabble Paints made for preschoolers, your little artist will have a blast exploring different colors and shapes while learning with Dabble!
  1. Colour identification skills and improve hand-eye coordination: Your child will sharpen their color identification skills and improve hand-eye coordination as they complete a colorful house and T-shirt sticker sheet that are relatable to their everyday life as well. This Stamp Kit offers an exciting activity that combines sorting shapes with stickers. Watch as their confidence grows with each sticker they stick, creating a masterpiece they can proudly display. Get ready for a No Mess Stickering Art!
  1. Imaginative Play and Character Building:Unleash the power of imagination and Learning through Play! With the included cartridge papers, your child can create imaginative and unique scenes, characters, shaped buildings etc. The possibilities are endless, and this activity encourages creativity, problem-solving, and character building. Who knows what incredible stories and adventures await? 

Be rest assured on Safe and Non-Toxic Fun!

With the First Shape Explorer Stamp Kit, safety and fun go hand in hand. The stamps and finger paints are made from a unique formulation, created by scientists and food technologists. This formulation is not only non-toxic but also contains natural textures and fragrances that stimulate multi-sensory perception and fine motor skills in children. You can rest easy knowing that your child is exploring their creativity in a safe and healthy environment as our products open up the possibilities for FREE exploration! 🥳


The Shape Explorer Stamp Kit is a treasure trove of developmental building activities that facilitate shape exploration in children. With tools to stamp and create different shapes, kids develop cognitive skills, enhance language and communication, improve fine motor skills, gain spatial awareness, unleash creativity, practice problem-solving, understand math concepts, and have fun! From peel and paste sticker activities to fine motor skill development through holding stamps, this kit offers engaging play that stimulates growth. Child-safe paint stamping stimulates visual perception, while shape sorter and color recognition activities promote learning through play. It's a win-win for both you and your little explorer!

Here are the TOP 7 activities you can do with our Wooden Stamp Kit for preschoolers

  • Peel and Paste Sticker Activity:
  • Let your little one's creativity shine by engaging them in the exciting Peel and Paste sticker activity. They can sort the various shapes with stickers, identify colors, and create a vibrant house and T-shirt. Encourage them to carefully choose the stickers and place them in the correct spots to complete the colorful sheets.

  • Wipeable Shape Sorter Sheet Game:
  • Turn the wipeable shape sorter sheet activity into an interactive game. Set challenges and rewards for your child to make it more engaging. For example, time them to see how quickly they can identify and match the shapes or create a points system for correct answers. Celebrate their achievements and watch their confidence soar as they improve their hand-eye coordination and shape recognition skills.

  • Explore Creative Designs:
  • The First Shape Explorer Stamp Kit is all about unleashing imagination. Encourage your child to be creative and come up with their own unique designs using the various shaped stamps. They can create imaginative sceneries, characters, or even shaped buildings by stamping onto the cartridge papers provided. The possibilities are limitless, and it's a fantastic way for your child to express themselves artistically.

  • Fun Counting and Learning Game:
  • Transform the counting aspect of the kit into a fun learn and play game. Use the stamps and stickers to create scenarios where your child can practice counting skills. For example, they can stamp a certain number of shapes on a piece of paper and then count them together. Make it interactive and enjoyable by adding rewards or small prizes for correct answers. Learning while playing has never been this much fun! 🎉

  • Emphasize Independent Clean-Up:
  • Teach your child the concept of independent clean-up using the wipeable sheet. Encourage them to take responsibility for their play area by showing them how to wipe off the stamps and paint from the wipeable sheet after each session. This activity not only instills a sense of cleanliness but also teaches them the importance of tidying up after themselves—a valuable life skill.👍

  • Pretend Play with Wooden Stamps:
  • Take the wooden stamps to a whole new level by turning them into characters for pretend play sessions. Your child can create stories, scenes, and adventures using the stamps as their imaginative characters. This activity fosters creativity, storytelling skills, and social interaction as you join in on the fun. Watch as their imagination takes flight and they explore new worlds with their stamp characters that inspires pretend play. 

  • Explore with Foam Sheets:
  • In addition to the wooden stamps, the hexagonal foam pads can also be used as soft stamps later on. Encourage your child to experiment with different textures and patterns by pressing the foam pads onto paper. They can create unique designs and explore the sensory experience of stamping with foam. It adds another layer of fun and creativity to the already exciting First Shape Explorer Stamp Kit.

    How to Use the Kit:

    Using the First Shape Explorer Stamp Kit is as easy as 1-2-3! 💃

    Step 1: Get Ready to Stamp

    Squirt some vibrant Dabble Finger Paint onto the hexagonal foam pad. Choose your favorite shaped stamps from the kit. It's time to bring those stamps to life!

    Step 2: Dip and Stamp

    Dip the stamps into the colorful paint on the foam pad. Make sure they're coated just right. Now, get ready to unleash your creativity!

    Step 3: Stamp Away!

    Place your paint-drenched stamp onto the wipeable sheets or cartridge papers. Press it down firmly and watch as the beautiful texture that our paints + woods combine comes to life. Stamp, stamp, stamp to your heart's content!

    Step 4: Explore and Experiment

    Experience the joy of creating textured masterpieces using the wooden stamps and Dabble paints. Mix and match the stamps, try different colors, and let your imagination run wild. There are no limits to what you can create!

    Step 5: Wipe and Repeat

    Engage in endless hours of fun by wiping off the paint from the reusable shape sorter sheet and repeating the stamping activity. Explore new patterns, colors, and shapes each time you play. Let the stamping adventures continue!

    Step 6: Stick and Match

    Peel out the colorful stickers from the sheet. Take a close look and identify the matching colors on the "T-shirt" and "House" sheets. Stick the stickers onto the shapes and complete the vibrant, colorful sheets. It's like putting the finishing touches on your artwork!


    From stamping to sorting, this blog would have taken you on a journey through the vibrant world of the First Shape Explorer Stamp Kit, where learning and fun collide in the most delightful way. 

    With the First Shape Explorer Stamp Kit, your child will have a blast while Learning and Developing essential skills. From the engaging peel and paste sticker activity to the imaginative play opportunities, this kit provides a wealth of educational and creative experiences. So, let their imagination soar, their fingers get colorful, and their learning journey begins! So, grab your paint, dip those stamps, and let your artistic journey begin. Stamp, create, and have a blast with this delightful and educational kit!

    With Dabble, playtime has never been more exciting and enriching! Get ready to dive in and discover the magic that awaits - Order your ‘Shape Explorer Stamp Kit’ now!! 🎉🎉