Loved the experience with Dabble from so many days I want to start with painting activities and sensory activities and I'm searching for safe paints I'm glad I got to know about Dabble products and started my kids first painting experience with the toxin-free Dabble Paints. 

We have done so many sensory activities and sticking activities  with Dabble’s products. We got a few printable sheets with different shapes - like hand print outline , ducks etc, we painted our hands with Dabble paints and just stamped on all the printables. 

We also have the Dabble’s preschool kit with all the different activities in that. We have been enjoying all the sensory activities. 

Contributed by Dasari (Dabble mom) and Divansh (Dabble Champ)

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What is Dabble’s Preschool kit?

🎨 Dabble Preschooler’s kit is perfectly curated for a fun exploration .No rules, just playful art exploration!!

🎨 Safe and non-toxic - This kit contains finger paints made from coconut oil and Chunky Glue with a gentle green apple fragrance,made with a unique formulation that contains natural textures & fragrances. 

🎨 Sensory-rich art kit that builds concentration and focus as the activities are extremely engaging and fun!

🎨 Facilitates Development-  The kit contains various fine motor building activities such as kite paper crushing, using the paint dropper, painting with a pom pom ball, sticker art, etc. which also stimulates visual perception, tactile and kinesthetic exploration which is excellent for child development.

🎨 Aids finger muscle development - These art and craft activities strengthen finger muscles acting as a precursor to writing.