Trust me when I say, the best way for us to learn new words is through activities!!

One of my biggest eye openers while nurturing BabyD was that learning can be fun(has to be). As a parent, there was so much to unlearn here.

Most of the words that Baby D speaks and forms her sentences with, are the ones we speak during these sessions! And not only new words, but knowing the colours, the object that we are making (drawing/painting) and soo much more!! And and and all of this with soooo much fun, laughter and bonding time with my lil one 💖’

I loved Dabble’s Preschool kit. Very travel friendly and has everything that's needed for an art activity. Compact yet wholesome! We do a lot of Paper crumbling activity together . 

How do you teach your little one the alphabet?

We've got an idea! Use ART to teach your kid how to write different letters. It's easy! And, a great bonding activity too.

Your little one will also:

🌈Build fine motor skills

🌈 Pre-writing skills

🌈And, have lots of fun in the process!

If you love our ALPHABET ART idea, but don't have time to make letter cards for your little one to trace, check out @artbydimplea 's page. Dimple makes cards that you can buy for your little one to learn all the alphabets.

Contributed by Dimple (Dabble Mom) Baby D Dabble Champ)

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