As a human, who has always been inclined and raised with art and crafts, I always wanted to offer these tools to my child and allow him to explore his interests from a very young age. In my search for the best crayons for toddlers, skin-friendly and washable art tools, I landed on Dabble's page.

We own paintbrushes, crayons, and finger paints from Dabble and my lil one loves to draw wheels and trucks on the floor using the crayons and our whole house flooring is our canvas!

We also did a fun activity for children recently which is making coloured homemade playdough. The toddler had a meltdown as store-bought playdough went missing so Amma had to make a quick fix. I quickly added 1 cup maida to 1/3 cup salt and 1/2 cup water and we had non-sticky playdough ready!

The next worry was the colour. That's when it struck me to add our very own child-safe finger paints from Dabble. I added drops of blue to get the calm sea dough, a mix of red and yellow for orange and yellow for the chirpy yellow dough. We stocked it in an airtight container and paired it with our favourite wooden dough tools.

This fun activity led both the toddler and myself to quality time creating our very own dough, adding colours, exploring textures & also creating magic with it! Of course, we ended up creating wheels and trucks.

This activity made me realise that we don't need anything fancy as parents' to offer to our children.
The child needs you - "the caregiver" and your presence in the present with them. As a full-time working Amma, this activity made me feel so connected with my child and I am glad to create things that he enjoys.

Art is an area that should be offered to explore for children from an early stage. It isn't a forced skill but something that develops in the child just like how they reach milestones as they grow up. As a parent, we need to be observant and calm and also encourage them to pursue art in their own little ways. Modelled or compared art/craft form could stunt a child's creativity. Let the child lead you into their world of imagination all by themselves.

Got fun art ideas for children to try at home? Do make it the best by using non toxic crayons for toddlers from Dabble. What are you waiting for? Shop now!

- Dabble experience contributed by Megathi Ramakrishnan (Dabbler mom)