Diwali, the festival of lights, is a joyous occasion for families to come together, celebrate, and create cherished memories. It's also a fantastic time to engage your children in creative activities that allow them to explore their artistic side. To make this Diwali extra special for your little ones, we've curated four easy and delightful art activities for kids using Dabble's safe and toxin-free art supplies.

  1. Dabble's DIY Colourful Gift Wrapping Bag

What You'll Need:

- Dabble Art Roll

- Dabble Paints

- Dabble Crayons

- Dabble Glue 

- Scissors

Get Ready to Roll- Here's How:

  1. Roll out your Dabble Art Roll and snip it to the perfect size for your fancy gift wrap.
  2. Let your little Picasso's run wild with Dabble Paints and Crayons as they jazz up their paper bag masterpiece.
  3. Now, for the art of patience – let those paints dry thoroughly.
  4. Glue the sides together or tape the gift wrap around the gift box
  5. And voilà! You've just created your very own custom DIY gift wrapping bag – ready to wrap up the joy!

Credits - Shwetha (Dabble mom)

  1. Firecracker Fiesta - DIY Greeting Cards

What You'll Need:

- Paper Cups / Toilet roll

- Dabble Paints

- Dabble Art roll 

- Scissors

Let's Set the Greeting Card Sky Ablaze:

  1. Grab those paper cups and let the creativity explode with Dabble Paints. We're talking vibrant, fiery colors here!
  2. Using a pair of scissors cut the cup inward into strips.The cup should open up and bend a little. 
  3. Pour Dabble Paints onto a paper plate or palate. 
  4. Take your cut paper cups and dip into Dabble’s toxin free paints 
  5. Stamp stamp and stamp away onto the Dabble’s Art Roll to create beautiful and vibrant print that will resemble firecrackers 
  6. Using Dabble’s paint brushes for kids - You can write “Happy Diwali”
  7. And boom! You've crafted your own firecracker greeting cards to light up someone's Diwali!

  1. Paper Diya Delights

What You'll Need:

- Dabble Paints 

- Dabble Art roll 

- Dabble Glue

- Scissors

Let's Get Crafty with Paper Diyas:

  1. Use Dabble Paint and Brushes to create a colorful chart in vibrant colours 
  2. Cut that paper into diya shapes, keeping it simple or going all out, depending on your creative gusto.   
  3. Get your Dabble Glue ready and apply it along the edges and folds of your paper diya shapes.
  4. Carefully fold and piece together your paper diya, pressing those edges like you mean it.
  5. Wait for the glue to set and dry completely. Ta-da! Your paper diyas are now ready to shine bright in your Diwali decor.
  6. You can also just the colourful paper into diya shapes and use it as home decor.

Credits - Surbhi (Dabble mom)

  1. Diya Painting Extravaganza with Dabble

What You'll Need:

- Dabble’s All-in-1 Diwali Gift Set

Let's Dive into the Diya-Painting Adventure:

  1. Crack open Dabble’s All-in-1 Diwali Gift Set and let the artistic festivities begin!
  2. If it includes ready-to-paint diyas, your little artist can start by picking their canvas. If not, they can transform plain diyas into masterpieces using the brushes and paints provided.
  3. Encourage them to let their imagination soar as they paint intricate Diwali-inspired designs or funky patterns.
  4. Wait for the paint to dry completely – patience is a virtue!
  5. Once dry, you've got yourself beautifully painted diyas, ready to light up your Diwali celebrations in style!

These step-by-step guides with a dash of fun should make your Diwali arts and crafts endeavours a blast! Enjoy the creative journey with Dabble's toxin free art supplies.

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Engaging in these Diwali activities with children can provide a range of educational, emotional, and developmental benefits like - 

  1. Creative Expression: All of these activities encourage children to explore their creativity and imagination. Through painting, crafting, and decorating, they can express themselves artistically, fostering a sense of individuality and self-expression.
  1. Fine Motor Skills: These activities require precise hand movements, such as painting, cutting, folding, and gluing. Engaging in these tasks helps improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, which are crucial for various daily tasks and academic activities.
  1. Cognitive Development: Designing patterns, deciding on color schemes, and planning the layout of their artwork or craft projects promote cognitive development. Children learn to think critically, make decisions, and problem-solve as they work on their creations.
  1. Sensory Stimulation: Painting, crafting, pasting and decorating engage multiple senses, including sight, touch, and sometimes even smell (with scented art supplies). This sensory stimulation can enhance a child's sensory processing abilities.
  1. Patience and Persistence: Waiting for paint to dry, completing intricate designs, and tackling more complex crafts require patience and persistence. These activities teach children the value of perseverance and the satisfaction of accomplishing a task over time.
  1. Confidence Boost: Successfully completing art projects can boost a child's self-esteem and confidence. They gain a sense of pride and accomplishment, which can positively impact their overall self-image.
  1. Bonding and Communication: These activities provide opportunities for bonding between children and parents or caregivers. They can work together, share ideas, and engage in meaningful conversations during the creative process.
  1. Cultural Awareness: Engaging in Diwali-themed activities helps children learn about and appreciate cultural traditions. It can spark discussions about the significance of Diwali and the importance of festivals in different cultures.
  1. Stress Reduction: Creative activities are known to be therapeutic and stress-reducing. They provide a calm and enjoyable outlet for children to relax and unwind, which is especially important in today's busy world.
  1. Eco-Friendly Awareness: By using non-toxic and eco-friendly art supplies, these activities also promote awareness of the importance of environmental sustainability and the use of safe materials.

In summary, these Diwali activities for children offer a holistic learning experience, encompassing artistic, cognitive, emotional, and social development. They not only bring joy and festivity to the holiday season but also contribute to a child's overall growth and well-being.

What is our Dabble Diwali Playart Kit?

🎉 All in 1 Diwali gift set - This festive season, gift this unique and eco-conscious box of imagination and inspire creativity in kids.

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🎉 Diwali Do-It-Yourself Kit- Little hands can imagine, paint and decorate their own diyas, make festive paper crafts and get creative!

🎉 Facilitates Development-  The kit includes various fine motor building activities such as making paper crafts, sticking decorative crafts, painting the diyas with chubby brushes, etc. which also stimulates visual perception, tactile and kinesthetic exploration which is excellent for child development.

🎉 Easy-grip for little hands - Hurray!  The short and stout wooden Chubby Brushes promote greater brush control for children to express themselves naturally with colours

In this All in One kit - you will receive - 

🎉 3 primary coloured Finger paints (60 ml/- bottle)

🎉 2 natural handmade clay diyas

🎉 2 coloured papers,

🎉 2 Playart chubby Brushes

🎉 Decorative craft for sticking

🎉 Glue bottle- 60 ml