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My First Shape Explorer Stamp Kit | Learning and Art made fun

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2 Years +

Product Description:

✔️ Make Learning Fun with Our Educational and Entertaining Stamp Kit
✔️Highly engaging - Looking for a way to keep your preschooler engaged through learning? Our Learning Kit comes with wipeable shape sorter sheet, colorful stickering art activities, shaped stamps and character-building opportunities for imaginative play.
✔️Ergonomically designed Wooden stamps - These wooden stamps are shaped ,made from eco-friendly wood and are long-lasting, perfect for fun play!
✔️Development-FriendlyStrengthens Fine Motor Skills, helps in Identifying & Matching, Develops Spatial recognition & much more!
✔️Easy grasp for little hands -The handle of the wooden stamp’s have a length that is ideal for small hands to stamp easily with less or no strain on tiny hands
✔️100% Child-safe and Toxin-Free - Paints are made of a unique formulation that contains natural textures & fragrances- which stimulates multi-sensory perception and fine motor skills for preschoolers
✔️Experience and Explore the beautiful textures created by the Wooden Stamps and Dabble Finger Paints
✔️Comes with a wipeable and reusable shape sorter sheet 

✔️Just Dip,Swirl and Stamp - Effortless shaped imprints to Learn with Dabble!

    Here are 5 Top reasons why Dabble is a parents preferred brand for ‘My first shape explorer stamp kit’ for kids- 
    🎨Developed by scientists and food technologists in consultation with occupational therapists and early educators.

    🎨Declared a no-entry to the usual toxic suspects found in paints which are harmful for kids and the environment. 

    🎨Is a conscious gifting choice- Dabble’s My first shape explorer stamp kit is an Eco-friendly set made with high-quality wood and foam sheet that lasts longer.

    🎨Perfectly curated stamp activity kit for a toddler’s creative development needs. 

    🎨This kit helps enhance Visual perceptual skills , Improves Hand-eye coordination, Builds Counting Proficiency and has multiple other developmental benefits

    You will receive -

    🎨Finger Paints (3 primary colours, 30ml each)

    🎨3 Hexagonal Foam pads 

    🎨1 shaped Sticker sheet - with multiple shapes and colours 

    🎨2 fun Sticker cards - to create colourful and relatable House and Shirt sheet 

    🎨1 Wipeable Shaper Sorter sheet 

    🎨4 ergonomically designed Wooden Stamps - comes in a rectangle , circle , star & square shapes 

    🎨2 Cartridge papers

    Dabble Finger Paints are made with -


    🎨Sodium Alginate


    🎨Decyl Glucoside

    🎨Food Friendly Preservatives such as Potassium Sorbate and Sodium Benzoate

    🎨F D & C Approved Colours

    Wooden Stamps are made with -

    🎨High-quality ivory wood 

    Foam pads are made with-

    🎨Virgin quality rubber, safe for kids

    Tested for Toxins by a NABL-certified laboratory

    🎨The "Peel and Paste sticker activity" involves sorting shapes with stickers, identifying colours, and creating a colourful house and T-shirt.

    🎨To make the "Easily wipeable shape sorter sheet" activity more fun, turn it into a game with challenges and rewards. For example, you could time them to see how quickly they can identify and match the shapes.

    🎨Encourage them to be creative and come up with their own designs using the various shaped stamps, giving them a sense of ownership over the activity and making it even more enjoyable for them.

    🎨The counting aspect of the activity of the Kit can be turned into a Fun Learn and Play game to make it more enjoyable, and the ergonomically designed stamps make it easy for children to use without causing any discomfort.

    🎨Teach the concept of “Independent Clean up” with the Wipeable sheet 

    🎨Pretend Play - Make the Wooden stamps as characters and have a pretend play session with your kiddo

    🎨You can additionally use the foam sheets as soft stamps later ! 

      2 years+
      The skin on the hands and feet is delicate when they are born and needs to be treated very gently. At around 6 months, the skin on their feet and hands is more exposed to the new environment and matures to apply the moisturiser with a layer of our paints made with the goodness of coconut oil and other ingredients suitable for kids - But generally kids can only understand the concept of shapes and colours only by the age of 2 - hence the age recommendation!
      Dabble finger paints have been created from a special formulation made from natural ingredients that are suitable for early childhood. We believe that the meticulous choice of ingredients is absolutely indispensable for children’s products. For this reason, we use top-quality raw materials in all our products. In order to guarantee that our products only contain the selected ingredients, they are tested for critical substances that we definitely want to exclude from our children’s products. These tests are carried out by recognized testing institutes that write several thousand pages of test reports every year. We only release a product for sale once all tests have been successfully passed.
      Moreover, apart from the safety aspects, Dabble finger paints stimulate your child’s senses and encourage a unique tactile experience that makes it one of the most fun paints available for kids.  The paints have a natural and gentle fragrance of sweet orange oil which makes it a pleasant experience to paint with your fingers.
    4. How are these products different from the market ?
      Dabble art supplies are specially curated keeping children in mind! The finger paints have been created from a SPECIAL FORMULATION MADE FROM NATURAL INGREDIENTS that are SUITABLE for EARLY CHILDHOOD.
      We believe that the meticulous choice of ingredients is absolutely indispensable for children’s products. For this reason, we use TOP-QUALITY RAW MATERIALS in all our products. In order to guarantee that our products only contain the selected ingredients, they are tested for critical substances that we definitely want to exclude from our children’s products. We only release a product for sale once all tests have been successfully passed.
    5. How will this kit help my child?
      Are you ready to hear all the Development benefits that this Kit has?
      Peel and Paste sticker activity - This activity helps to 
      🎨Sort shapes with stickers 
      🎨Sharpen colour identification 
      🎨Create a colourful house and T shirt
      🎨Improves Hand- eye coordination
      Easily wipeable Shape sorter sheet -  This activity helps to 
      🎨Engage your little ones for long hours 
      🎨Reuse the sheet multiple times
      🎨Improves Hand- eye coordination
      🎨Helps understand Independent cleaning 
      🎨Stamps shapes onto the sheet
      🎨Identifying and matching shapes 
      🎨Learn more on Spatial recognition - For Example - Matching the “Square” Stamp to the “Square” shape on the sheet 
      🎨Use the stamps to teach colours and shapes
      Ergonomically designed Wooden stamps- This activity helps to- 
      🎨Build finger muscles 
      🎨Create characters, alphabets , creativity and encourages imaginative play 
      🎨Identifying and matching shapes 
      🎨Sharpen colour identification -  For Example - “Stamp a Yellow Rectangle on the sheet , Stampy a Blue Rectangle on the sheet”
      🎨Learn more on Spatial recognition. For Example -  Stamping the “Star” stamp onto the “circle” shape
      🎨Builds Counting Proficiency - For Example - “Stamp 5 stars, Stamp 8 squares”
    6. Do Dabble Paints Dry up or Harden easily when unused?
      No, they don’t! Our paints are made of a special formulation containing water, coconut, and sweet orange oil. Hence unlike other paints, they don’t dry up easily!! Now you can enjoy using paints for a longer time!
      Dabble paints are specially designed for early childhood. The unique formulation was developed by scientists and food technologists using natural ingredients and FD & C approved colours and tested for Toxins by a NABL-certified laboratory in India.  The ingredients are carefully selected to make sure that they pose no health risk for children if a small amount is ingested by accident. 
      However, having said that, the paints are not edible.  As founder moms, we understand the need for safe art products for children and that’s been our core guiding principle while developing our products. Moreover, the products have undergone extensive research for over 2 years in consultation with educators and occupational/ art therapists to ensure the colours are developmentally appropriate.
      No, since our products are made of natural ingredients,we don't have an expiry date.
      We have a BIS certificate as well that  confirms that we don't need the expiry date since our products are natural.
      The paint formulation has been designed with a lot of care and washes off easily wash off from the skin. The paints wash off some fabrics if washed on the same day. In some fabrics where the stain is persistent,  it might need a stain remover. 
      Yes and with approved quantities. And here’s why: water-based skin products without preservatives can get contaminated and breed harmful bacteria and microorganisms. We do not use harmful preservatives like parabens, ,  phthalates & sulphates (SLS / SLeS Free)  Paraffin, Mineral Oil , Diethanolamine (DEA) , Petroleum, Formaldehyde, Propylene, Silicon etc. but instead use safe preservatives usually used in food products.

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    My First Shape Explorer Stamp Kit | Learning and Art made fun

    Rs. 999