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My First Dabble Swingin’ Jungle Adventure | Reusable Story Card Set & Crayons Combo

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1.5 yrs+

Product Description:


Double-Sided Creative Storytelling & Colouring Fun: The storytelling sequence cards with an enchanting story on one side and a simple illustration of the characters on the other unleash the inner artist in your child as they play & color the characters!

Learning & Educational Storytelling Sequence Cards: The adventure with animals of different natures has a moral & informative story that promotes a positive self-image to instill strong values.

Reusable Story-Card Set: Designed for repeated use, the story-card set is easy to wipe with a wet tissue. It’s never been easier to Read, Stick, Colour, and Wipe.

Travel-Friendly Size: This mess-free art kit comes compact for on-the-go fun, making it perfect for travel. Be it a picnic or a road trip, your child has a screen-free art activity that stimulates the hidden artist in them.

Stickers To Develop Motor Skills: The repositionable easy-to-peel stickers are the missing pieces to complete the story scenes, helping your child build problem-solving abilities & motor skills.

Parent-Child Engagement: The How to Dabble card, with 10 fun prompts, promotes nurturing bonds and sharing activities that stimulate cognitivemotor, and social-emotional development.

Skill Development: The art kit also focuses on developing creative expressionimaginative playlanguage skills, positive self-image, hand-eye coordination, strong morals, and storytelling skills.

Perfect Gift Idea: The perfect choice if you’re looking for Preschool storytelling cards to gift a child as a birthday present or party return gift, providing endless entertainment and creativity.

8 Unique Child-Grip Shape: 8 unique child-grip shape of our chunkies (crayons) inspire a multi-dimensional colouring experience and tripod grip for pencil writing and inspire storytelling.

Natural Ingredients: Enriched with the goodness of organic beeswax and coconut oil makes it safe for kids to play and explore with colours.

    Here are the Top 5 reasons why Dabble Swingin' Jungle Adventure + Crayons Combo is a parent-preferred product:

    📖 First-Of-Its-Kind Experience: Our Mess-Free art kit Swingin' Jungle Adventure offers an innovative blend of reading through an engaging story, colouring with crayons or paint, repositionable stickers, and an easy wipe to reuse!

    📖 Holistic Skill Development: Every interactive sequence and attractive illustration from these double-sided story cards promotes fine motor skillscognitive growth, and a positive self-image for your child.

    📖 Reusable and Eco-Friendly: Designed for repeated use, this story card set can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth, offering endless creative fun without waste.

    📖 Perfect For On-the-Go: The art kit’s size is designed to be Compact and Travel-Friendly, keeping your little ones entertained while traveling or visiting restaurants and family outings, providing a screen-free activity anywhere, anytime.

    📖 Engaging Parent-Child Together: Each set includes a 'How to Dabble' card with 10 fun prompts and tips for parents, promoting shared activities to nurture the Parent-Child bond and develop social, emotional, and cognitive abilities.

    📖 Developed By Scientists & Food Technologists in consultation with occupational therapists and early educators.

    📖 FD & C Approved: Dabble products, made with a unique formulation & natural ingredients with FD & C Approved Colours, are tested for Toxins by a NABL-certified laboratory in India.

    📖 Inspire Imagination & Creativity for Toddlers and Kids with India’s top quality Reusable Story Card Set! We’re just one click away!

    You will receive 6 Double-Sided Story Cards & Colouring Canvases, 30 Repositionable Stickers, 1 How To Dabble Card, and 8 colour crayons(Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, Pink, and Black).

    Dimensions: Each card measures 21cm x 17.5cm and is made from thick, glossy paper for longer-lasting fun and engagement.

    📖 No rules for kids! My first dabble Swingin’ Jungle Adventure includes Double-Sided Story Cards to Read & Colour, Fun Prompts for Parents with Wipeable Sheets to reuse & set the imagination free.

    📖My First Dabble Swingin’ Jungle Adventure inspires creative expression through questions- Ask open-ended questions and let them color freely.

    📖 Give children clues to the imagination - “ Where do the fish live? In the water!”, “How does the bird fly? - How do the fish swim?”, “How does the tiger roar?”, “what color is the tiger?”, “what about bananas?”

    📖 Follow the 10 fun art prompts to assist Creative Thinking by allowing your kids to move, sing, and role-play while being creative, to make unique art!


      1.5 years +.


    2. Why is it important for 1.5 years? 

    At 1.5 years, a child's interest in colours, animals, and shapes increases. They will have good hand-eye coordination and be interested in creative activities like colouring & sticking. Since their imaginative play also increases at this stage, it would be the right time to get them an art activity kit that engages them and develops their essential skills.


    3. How do I clean and reuse the cards? 

    The cards are designed to be reusable. You can easily wipe them clean with a wet tissue or a damp cloth. This allows for continuous fun and creativity without the need for replacement cards.

    4. Are these cards travel-friendly? 

    Yes, the Swingin' Jungle Adventure is a compact-size art kit, making them perfect for travel. They are ideal for keeping your child entertained during trips, picnics, restaurant visits, workshops, or at home.

    5. How do the stickers help in my child's development? 

    The vibrant stickers included with the cards help build problem-solving abilities and fine motor skills. As children find the right repositionable easy-to-peel sticker for each missing space in the story, they enhance their hand-eye coordination and attention to detail.

    6. What age can I start with these crayons?

    At 2.5 years. For younger kids, we recommend the Dabble Chunkies.


    7. What if my child puts the crayon in the mouth?

    Dabble crayons are specially designed for early childhood. The unique formulation developed by scientists and food technologists contains natural waxes such as Organic Beeswax, Soya wax, coconut oil, and FD & C approved colours and tested for Toxins by the NABL-certified laboratory in India. As founder moms, we understand the need for safe art products for children and that’s been our core guiding principle while developing our products. Moreover, the products have undergone extensive research over 2 years in consultation with educators and occupational/ art therapists to ensure the colours are developmentally appropriate.


    8. Why are the crayons in shapes?

    It’s our vision to inspire imagination in children with the medium of colours. After extensive research and feedback from Occupational therapists, educators, and parents, the shapes have been developed to aid cognitive and motor development. Also, the colours come alive with shapes and inspire imagination, and turn into storytelling tools in the hands of a child. It’s a multi-sensory learning experience – Touch, Smell and Sight. The shapes also make it fun for a child to experience the various textures that form when used on paper.


    9. What if my child writes on the wall?

    Children are exploring the world and thereby every action is to learn how things work. So it's important for us as parents to set some basic boundaries right at the start. Tell your baby… “ Crayons are for colouring and demonstrating how they work. If your baby puts it in the mouth or colours elsewhere, reiterate gently “ Crayons are for colouring”. Also, create a fixed art space for your child to colour. Just like you have a dining space for eating, colouring has a space too. It helps your little toddler to know where it can be done. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that your child will only express with colours in the space created for her.


    10. What is the white film that we see on the Beeswax Crayon? How does it happen?

    Beeswax never goes bad, but over time it gets a powder called bloom on it. Bloom is a natural process of the oils rising to the surface. While bloom does not affect the way a beeswax crayon colours, it is easily removed by rubbing with a soft cloth. 

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    My First Dabble Swingin’ Jungle Adventure | Reusable Story Card Set & Crayons Combo

    Rs. 948 Rs. 853