Art is as natural as sunshine, as vital as nourishment.

At Dabble we believe at the arts play a key role in developing a child’s individuality and self expression. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are exploring digital class formats to continue helping of children around the world to experience creative expression through the arts.

We are thrilled to collaborate with experts in the area of facilitating the Arts – visual art and crafts, music, theater and anything that encourages creative expression. Want to enroll your child, share your details and we shall connect with you.

Why’s & How’s of Art in Early Childhood

Your child can ... draw before they walk, sing before they speak, And draw before they write !! To them, Art is as natural as sunshine! But how exactly can we introduce art ? At what age ? And why is it so important ? The answers to all these intriguing questions and more!! Dabble...

How to respond to your child’s art?

We are thrilled to welcome you to our specially curated workshop for our Dabbler families who are inspired by the importance of creativity in early childhood. It's a fun, eye opening 1 hour 45 minutes FREE session by Creative Educator @juipatravali where you learn creative exercises to reenergise yourself by stretching your imagination, learn how...

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