Combo pack FP8 + brushes-dabbleplayartCombo pack FP8 + brushes-dabbleplayart

Playart Finger Painting Fun Pack

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Fun Finger Painting Pack

Playart Finger Paints 8 colours

Playart Chubby Brushes

Go Natural

non toxic crayons


A Fun Finger Painting Pack for your little ones !

Fun finger painting pack – includes our brand new Playart Finger Paints in  8 Colours and Playart Chubby Brushes

About Playart Finger Paints 

Finger Paints  come in 8 vibrant colours Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Black, White

Recommended age 2.5 years +

No Worries on Safety

  • Certified Toxin-free our Playart finger paints are perfect as your child’s first paints for early years.
  • They contain ingredients with natural textures of Coconut oil and the fragrance of sweet orange oil  which makes is not just perfectly safe but also stimulates multi-sensory perception and fine motor skills

 No Worries to Wash

  • Long-lasting easy wash colours in mess-free squeezy bottles that don’t dry up easily.
  • Wash off easily from skin and from surfaces such as tiles and wood.

Bright and Vibrant

  • 8 vibrant colours encourage artistic expression, colour mixing and creation of many more
    new colours in a tactile way

Easy to use and carry

  • The finger paints for toddlers with easy to squeeze bottles avoid the paints from
    drying and spilling. Also comes in a compact easy to carry box.

Perfect birthday and return gift

  • Gift imagination to children you know and inspire creative expression in early childhood

8 New Colours for Finger Painting Fun

  •  We are the first company to mention the list of ingredients on the box . These finger-paints are non-toxic and child-safe. And that’s how anything good should be.
  • The 8 vibrant  colours come in easy-squeeze bottles and have been designed in consultation with art teachers and occupational therapists.
  • Kids love the mess and moms love that they can get them all cleaned up in a snap. All of it while children get ready for art, play and learning.

About Playart Chubby Brushes

Paint brush for beginners

  • 2.5 years+
  • Eco friendly
  • 4 in 1 pack

Easy-grip for little hands 

Hurray!  The short and stout wooden brushes promote greater brush control for children to express themselves naturally with colours.

Precursor to writing

The brush length is ideal for small hands to paint easily with no strain to the hands.  Helps develop  fine motor skills for writing

Easy Clean   

Super fun to paint, super easy to wash off.  The soft bristles can be easily washed with soap and water.


Use it to paint or as a tool  to apply glue or for any other purpose for your art and craft projects


Wooden brushes made from high-quality bristles that last longer. Brush length 12 cm



Additional information


Finger Paints ingredients

Sodium Alginate
Decyl Glucocide
Food Friendly Preservatives such as Potassium Sorbate and Sodium Benzoate
F D & C Approved Colours.

Chubby Brushes

Wooden brushes
Cruelty free synthetic bristles


Use under adult supervision.
Store in a dry space.
Not meant to be eaten.
Do a patch test on your child before using the paints. We would just like to be doubly sure and doubly safe.
Keep away from wallpapers, painted walls, carpets and other materials that cannot be laundered.


2.5 -99 years


8 colours (Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, White, Orange, Green & Purple) in 60 ml bottles each

4 brushes in a pack


Ask question

What age can I start with finger paints?

As early as 18 months your little toddler is ready for finger painting. Our box of 3 is perfect for this age. Our box of 8 is ideal for kids who are 2.5 years and plus. 

Dabble finger paints are a fun pack of paints which are suitable for any age 2.5 to 99 years :)  The unique formulation made from natural ingredients have a therapeutic experience.

Dabble finger paints have been created from a special formulation made from natural ingredients that are suitable for early childhood.

We believe that the meticulous choice of ingredients is absolutely indispensable for children’s products. For this reason, we use top-quality raw materials in all our products. In order to guarantee that our products only contain the selected ingredients, they are tested for critical substances that we definitely want to exclude from our children’s products. These tests are carried out by recognised testing institutes that write several thousand pages of test reports every year. We only release a product for sale once all tests have been successfully passed.

Moreover, apart from the safety aspects, Dabble finger paints stimulates your child’s senses and encourage a unique tactile experience that makes it one of the most fun paints available for kids.  The paints have a natural and gentle fragrance of sweet orange oil which makes it a pleasant experience to paint with your fingers. 

Dabble finger paints are specially designed for early childhood. The unique formulation developed by scientists and food technologists natural ingredients and FD & C approved colours and tested for Toxins by a NABL certified laboratory in India.  The ingredients are carefully selected to make sure that they pose no health risk for children if a small amount is ingested by accident. However, having said that, the paints are not edible.  As founder moms, we understand the need for safe art products for children and that’s been our core guiding principle while developing our products. Moreover, the products have undergone an extensive research of over 2 years in consultation with educators and occupational/ art therapists to ensure the colours are developmentally appropriate.
We support the philosophy of ‘Surf Excel” – Daag Acchen Hain.  Children are exploring the world and thereby every action is to learn how things work. So its important for us as parents to set some basic boundaries right at the start. Tell your baby… “ Paints are for colouring” and demonstrate how they work. If your baby puts it in the mouth or colours elsewhere, reiterate gently “Paints are for colouring”. Also, create a fixed art space for your child to colour. Just like you have dining space for eating, colouring has a space too. It helps your little toddler to know where it can be done. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that your child will only express with colours in the space created for her. 
The short and stout wooden chubby brushes promote greater brush control for children to express themselves naturally with colours.The brush length is ideal for small hands to hold the brush and paint easily with no strain to the hands. Helps develop fine motor skills for writing.
Young kids do not need thin brushes because the art they create is about exploring colours and freely expressing themselves. Moreover they like to clearly see the lines, shapes they have created and that's why do not require thin brushes  

Yes, its 1 year. Dabble is a first art company in India to list ingredients on the pack and to state an expiry date. 

They easily wash off from skin. They are also very easy to clean from Smooth surfaces. Discoloration may happen on rough surfaces due to lime deposits.

The finger paints wash off some fabrics, if washed on the same day. In some fabrics where the stain is persistent, it might need a stain remover. The crayons and paints leave a light mark on walls. 

As expressive arts therapists and moms who believe in the power of expression using colours, we recommend  every parent to create a Dabble space at home, which is one fixed art space where you can put a large chart paper or a canvas for children to colour. Children in early childhood love to explore and need a boundary to be defined. Just like we eat a dining table, children also need a space to colour.  They need to be told where they can colour, instead of being told not to do it anywhere. 

Yes and with approved quantities. And here’s why: water-based skin products without preservatives can get contaminated and breed harmful bacteria and microorganisms. We do not use harmful preservatives like parabens, phthalates & sulphates (SLS / SLeS Free)  Paraffin , Mineral Oil ,Diethanolamine (DEA) , Petroleum , Formaldehyde ,Propylene,Silicon etc. but instead use safe preservatives usually used in food products.

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4 reviews for Playart Finger Painting Fun Pack

  1. The brushes are amazing, I did use all the brushes. They are really very smooth. The touch and feel is wonderful. It’s easy to hold especially for those tiny fingers.
    Also, my husband was very much impressed by its quality.
    -Prajna Anil

    5 out of 5 5 out of 5
  2. So so happy. The brushes are amazing and the textures it’s creating it’s just beautiful. Thank you for making them team Dabble art❤️- Anushree Basu

    5 out of 5 5 out of 5
  3. We love the brushes! Perfect for those tiny hands 😍
    -Niyati Chhaparia

    5 out of 5 5 out of 5
  4. My son is really liking and trying out all the brushes. They are just so perfect for these little hands I must say ! Superb quality !!
    -Sharmishtha Patange

    5 out of 5 5 out of 5

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