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Baby’s First Art Set – Chunkies + Paper Rolls

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A Perfect Art Pack Of Toxin Free Chunkies And Paper Rolls For Uninhibited Fun Art Time

Paper Rolls And Chunkies Are The Perfect First Canvas To Introduce Art To Your Little Ones.




Baby’s First Art Set, Organic Beeswax Chunkies 3 Fun Transport Shapes and Paper Rolls for Toddlers Making it a Perfect Canvas and Birthday or Return Gift (Paper Roll & Shapes of 3)


baby's first art set-dabbleplayart

Dabble Chunkies

  • Enriched with the goodness of organic beeswax and coconut oil makes it a toddler’s first non-toxic crayon
  • 3 unique child-grip fun transport shapes that inspire multi dimensional colouring experience and tripod grip for pencil writing
  • Long-lasting magical primary colours, when colours rub against each other can be cleaned with coconut oil
  • Shapes that won’t break easy, blend easily and colour smoothly
  • Makes a great birthday gift and return gift

Paper Rolls

  • Our 20 meter rolls have a width of 18 inches which allow larger area for little ones for uninhibited art creations.
  • They are compact and easy to store or carry around . You can use any amount of roll you want and later just cut/tear it off.
  • They can be stuck up on walls, so kids can finally paint to their hearts content and express freely without parents having to worry.
  • They guarantee 100%fun and unlimited possibilities for exploring art.

The fear of your child scribbling on the wall or furniture could be a concern that probably stops you from allowing our children to explore art freely inspite of the many developments benefits art offers.

You can easily create a Dabble Art Station at home in simple steps using Paper Rolls and allow your child uninhibited art time. Younger kids need larger paper for their uncontrolled hand movements. Paper Rolls is the best way to let them explore art freely.

Dabble Chunkies are a box of Bees wax Crayons that have been specially formulated for young kids using toxin free and child-safe ingredients that have been certified in a NABL lab. The crayons create magical stories in the little kids’ hands. They can also be used for stacking, learning shapes and colours and free play.

The fun shapes in 3 primary colours are what attract the child and they can learn and relate to the surroundings around them.

Introducing such educational toys for kids in art early has lots of benefits and helps to develop cognitive, motor, social and emotional skills in kids.

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Eco Certified Organic Beeswax
Carnauba Wax
Coconut Oil
Castor Oil
Vitamin E Oil
Shea Butter
FD & C Approved Colours

Paper Rolls
High Quality Plotter Paper


Store in a dry space.

Use under adult supervision.
Store in a dry space.
Not meant to be eaten.
Keep away from wallpapers, painted walls, carpets and other materials that cannot be laundered.


18 months +


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1. What age can I start with these crayons ?

At 2.5 years. For younger kids we recommend the Dabble Chunkies.

Dabble crayons are specially designed for early childhood. The unique formulation developed by scientists and food technologists contains natural waxes such as Organic Beeswax, Soya wax, coconut oil and FD & C approved colours and tested for Toxins by a NABL certified laboratory in India. 

As founder moms, we understand the need for safe art products for children and that’s been our core guiding principle while developing our products. Moreover, the products have undergone an extensive research of over 2 years in consultation with educators and occupational/ art therapists to ensure the colours are developmentally appropriate.

Both,  Dabble Playart crayons box of 8 is meant for age 2.5+ when a child has developed the grip needed to hold and colour with.

The only difference is that the Christmas crayons are themed for Christmas gifting and make it fun for  your child to explore the story the Christmas.

It’s our vision to inspire imagination in children with the medium of colours. After extensive research  and feedback from Occupational therapist, eductors and parents, the shapes have been developed to aid cognitive and motor development. Also, the colours come alive with shapes and inspire imagination and turn into story telling tools in the hands of a child. It’s a multi sensory learning experience – Touch, Smell and Sight. The shapes also makes it fun for a child to experience the various textures that form when used on paper.
Children are exploring the world and thereby every action is to learn how things work. So its important for us as parents to set some basic boundaries right at the start. Tell your baby… “ Crayons are for colouring” and demonstrate how they work. If your baby puts it in the mouth or colours elsewhere, reiterate gently “ Crayons are for colouring”. Also, create a fixed art space for your child to colour. Just like you have dining space for eating, colouring has a space too. It helps your little toddler to know where it can be done. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that your child will only express with colours in the space created for her.
Beeswax never goes bad, but over time it gets a powder called bloom on it. Bloom is a natural process of the oils rising to the surface. While bloom does not affect the way a beeswax crayon colours, it is easily removed by rubbing with a soft cloth.

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3 reviews for Baby’s First Art Set – Chunkies + Paper Rolls

  1. I believe a product should be reviewed by the end user. So, since Little Miss Toha is yet to get into writing elaborate pieces, I am taking the liberty of interpreting her expressions while dabbling. To start with, her play time begins with she fetching her drawing book, demanding her colours. She goes for the brightest among the three primary colours in the pack and has a wide grin when she doodles away to glory on her page. She does not have a favourite. I reckon it has got to do with the fact that all the colours are bright and that’s what appeals to the li’l one, the brightness, reflecting in her smile as well when she colours. The rest, from the right size, to the cute figures in which they come (and of course the safe materials used), Dabble Art crayons are ensuring Toha’s first steps into the world of colours exceeds all limits and possibilities of fun.
    -Sreetama Bagchi

    5 out of 5 5 out of 5
  2. My kid loves the transport shapes. They are so much fun!

    5 out of 5 5 out of 5
  3. As a new mother, I always wanted things that were were safe for my baby.
    So when I wanted to introduce crayons to my daughter, I stumbled upon Dabble’s page.
    Bright colours and those cute design of chunkies instantly attracted me.
    Being more than satisfied with the chunkies, I ordered the finger paints.
    Now there is no stopping for my little Picasso because I don’t have to worry about my walls or furniture getting dirty, I don’t have to worry about any chemicals that might go in her stomach.
    We are extremely happy with all the products and I highly recommend it all the parents.
    – Niyati Agarwal Chhaparia, Mumbai

    5 out of 5 5 out of 5

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