Dear Dabblers,

We are super excited to be launching our Facebook Community- Playart Lab for Early years.

As mothers we have discovered art and play is equal to sheer happiness. Give our little tots their colours and crayons and pencils and let them loose. What follows is a riot of joy. These are moments that cannot be scripted. It’s our wish that every parent experiences this joy and together along with this community, we hope to make childhood joyful, creative and free!

After all it takes a village to bring up a child well.

So what is the Playart lab for Early years?

This is a shared space, to learn and to exchange thoughts about expressive ART to inspire early learning and purposeful play.

We aim to emphasize on imagination and encourage the fact that every child has the power to imagine, create and do wonders. Together, we can share experiences, paint our thoughts and color our way through the difficulties, in the Dabble way. 

And we celebrate  Creative expression, Creative Kids and Creative Activities.

Calling all the mamma’s, papa’s, grandpa’s and grandma’s, care takers, artists and enthusiasts to join our family.

Welcome to this loving space with warmest hugs and even bigger hearts. Join us and together let’s discover how to raise creative kids !

Let imagination soar, Let play begin!

Karen and Neha

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