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Let the reds roar, the blues blow horns, the greens grow and the yellows yell.
Hurray! Our art products are toxin-free, chemical-free, worry-free for you mommas and papas.
Made with earth-friendly ingredients that are child-safe,
they let kids make friends with colours.

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*Illustrations by dabbler Chiara

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Love Dabble

Found the right kind of colours for my kid in Dabble Playart providing a good means for his artistic expressions. Nontoxic, toy-like colouring stuff. I need not worry about him taking a bite or two of the colour cakes. No overwhelming array of colours to baffle the child’s mind–just the basic colours to enable healthy, progressive exploration of further colour combinations.

kids colouring activity
Preethi Selvin, Trivandrum

The fingerpaints by dabble have been my kid’s introduction to art! Ahaan has had this habit of putting everything in his mouth for the longest time and I definitely needed something safe and non-toxic and Dabble paints were exactly that! They are bright and thick for finger painting and non-staining, so I do not have to worry if our art time gets too messy! I have them for over an year now, and there is no issue of paints drying. Definitely recommend! Thank you Dabble for the masterpieces that adorn our art Wall !

water colours for kids
Dr Nikita Mathur, Bangalore

My daughter loved scribbling on the furniture and walls with a pen. I did not want her to stop scribbling, but started looking for alternatives to a pen. That is when I came across Dabble Playart and I immediately ordered the crayons for her.
They were perfect! Bright colours, unique shapes to develop grip and and most importantly, non toxic.
The paints are our favourite! Because my little Picasso loves to paint on anything and everything and I love trying new techniques of painting with her.

colours set for kids
Niyati Agarwal, Thane- Mumbai
Dear dabble team,
Thank you for super prompt delivery 🙂 Love Love the products .. Its lil one first time holding a crayon.. he instantly loved it , And now mastered it it has wonderful grip soooo happy 🙂 He is not leaving thStill to try finger paints, i am sure that will be awesome as well will post the pictures for that also.. Sooo happy to have found dabble ❤️ Looking forward to many many more purchases.
water colour drawing for kids
Nanditha Sahu , Hyderabad

The shape! The colors! What’s not to like?! Dabble crayons with vibrant colours and shaped as a butterfly , car, triangle, heart etc make it so much fun for kids to begin their journey of making master pieces. And the best part is we just need a cotton ball and some coconut oil to wipe off the surface area mess.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect non-toxic paints for your little artist, then call off the search! Dabble is Perfect for that full sensory play experience.

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Sameen Khan , Bangalore


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