Dabble Finger Paints are so good , finger painting is a great way for children to explore, learn and develop through sensory play. When children can feel the cool, squishy texture of the paint and experiment with colour and patterns, it encourages their creativity. It's also a good way for children to express emotions. Improves fine motor skill, Finger painting is an easy and fun activity with a large impact on a child’s development, no matter the age. Even though this is a messy activity (which explains why several parents avoid it), when you find out how many important benefits finger painting can bring to your child, you won’t mind a bit of mess.

Very important about Dabble Finger Paints chemical free. Loved it ❤️. Every parent must try it.

You will enjoy with your children.

Our Activities with Dabble 

  • Hand painting on grandpa's tummy😂
  • Finger painting
  • Pebble painting
  • Leaf painting and many more

My son is 2 years he enjoys it.

Thank you Dabble 

Contributed by Anupriya karthik(Dabble Mom) and Sharvik K Reddy ( 2 years Dabble Champ)

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