Our experience with Dabble has been nothing short of magical. When we introduced Ashwika, who is 1 year and 10 months old, to the Dabble Baby’s Starter Painting Plus Jumbo Brush Combo, we witnessed her eyes light up with curiosity and excitement. The vibrant, non-toxic paints provided a safe and fun medium for her to explore her creativity. Watching her little hands dive into the paint and make her first brush strokes on paper was a heartwarming moment.

Dabble stands out for its commitment to child-safe, eco-friendly products that encourage imaginative play. The quality of the paints is exceptional, and the ease of cleaning up afterward means we can focus on enjoying the creative process without worrying about the mess.

What I love most about Dabble is how it fosters a bond between us. Ashwika and I share laughs, ideas, and precious moments as we paint together. This has not only enhanced her sensory skills but also strengthened our connection. The Dabble Baby’s Starter Painting Plus Jumbo Brush Combo has truly inspired a love for art in Ashwika, turning our everyday playtime into a vibrant, colorful adventure.

We had an amazing time with the Dabble Baby’s Starter Painting Plus Jumbo Brush Combo. Ashwika, at 1 year and 10 months, eagerly dipped her fingers into the vibrant, non-toxic paints. Together, we painted on large sheets of paper, with Ashwika making her first brush strokes and even painting herself a bit! The jumbo brush was perfect for her tiny hands, and the experience was filled with laughter and creativity. This activity not only sparked her imagination but also created beautiful memories for us. And finally the painting was ready with her name on it "ANNE"

Contributed by Usha Jaiswal(Dabble Mom) and Ashwika Jaiswal(Dabble Champ  1year and 10 months)

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