First, it is safe for child and no need to worry about the child playing alone with paints.Reyansh started using dabble when he was 7 months old.We have used all products of dabble. Dabble crayons are so handy that it’s easy for baby to hold and color. Dabble glue is also nice.The paint texture is also good. Dabble brushes are handy and easy for kids to do paint.Me and Riyansh had good connection and bond when we did colouring with dabble. I really love the imagination of my child when he does coloring.

Dabble paints to do hand,feet and other drawing,dabble glue to stick and make various cards.

Contributed by Richa Piplani(Dabble Mom) and Riyansh Saxena( 4 years Dabble Champ)

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